Portal Overview

The purpose of this portal is to provide the Rappi allies with all the documentation related to the Rappi API.

The contents of this site enable you to:

  • Obtain the required information to integrate the Rappi API with your process.
  • Understand the terminology used in the API integration procedures.
  • Learn how to authenticate to integrate with our API.
  • Access the API Reference to explore the available resources, endpoints, methods, and samples of API requests and responses.

On this site, you can also find step-by-step guides to make API requests to interact with the available resources of the application.

What is an Integration?

An integration with Rappi is a procedure where you incorporate the resources of your business with Rappi.

Using the Rappi API enables you to integrate quickly and easily with the application.

Benefits of the Integration

As a Rappi ally, you and your business can benefit from the Rappi integration.

Rappi enables you to control your interaction with the platform and gives you complete visibility of your available resources in the application.

With this procedure, you are in full control of your stores, menus, items, and the workflow of your orders.

Process Improvements

Integrating with Rappi using our API enables you to improve your process by:

  • Managing the orders that users make through the Rappi application.
  • Consulting order changes and information about your stores.
  • Managing the availability of the items in your stores.
  • Consulting and managing the menus of your stores.
  • Configuring Webhooks to receive updates from your stores.

If you need support, please refer to your main Rappi point of contact.