Rappi API v1.25.0

Rappi API v1.25.0 includes all the resources, endpoints, and methods that enable you to integrate with the Rappi application.

The following table contains all the resources available to use with our API:

API ResourceEndpointEndpoint Description
AuthenticationPOST tokenUse this endpoint to generate an Access Token. This token enables you to authenticate when making API requests
MenusGET menuReturns the collection of menus created by the authenticating ally
POST menuCreates or updates a menu in a store
GET menu/approved/{storeId}Returns the current approval status of a menu
GET menu/rappi/{storeId}Returns the last menu created for a store
OrdersGET ordersReturns a list of new orders created
GET orders/status/sentReturns a list of new orders created in SENT
PUT orders/{orderId}/take/{cookingTime}Takes an order to start preparing
PUT orders/{orderId}/rejectRejects an order
POST orders/{orderId}/ready-for-pickupConfirms that the order is ready for pickup
GET orders/{orderId}/eventsReturns the latest events from the orders
StoresGET stores-paReturns the list of stores for the authenticated client
PUT stores-pa/{storeId}/statusUpdate a store to integrated or not integrated
AvailabilityPOST availability/items/statusReturns the availability of items by Item SKU
POST availability/items/rappi/statusReturns the availability of items by Item ID
PUT availability/stores/itemsManage item availability in the application by Item SKU
PUT availability/stores/items/rappiManage item availability in the application by Item ID
PUT availability/storesManage store availability in the application
PUT availability/stores/enable/massiveManage store availability asynchronously in the application
PUT availability/stores/enableManage store availability synchronously in the application
WebhooksGET webhook/{event}Returns the webhooks configured for all the stores of the authenticated client
PUT webhook/{event}/add-storesAdd stores to a specific webhook event
PUT webhook/{event}/change-urlChange url from stores
POST webhookCreates a new webhook for a list of stores for the authenticated client
DELETE webhook/{event}/remove-storesDeletes stores from your webhook
PUT webhook/{event}/reset-secretRestarts the secret and generates a new one for the authenticated client
PUT webhook/{event}/change-statusEnables or disables the webhooks for a list of stores