Deprecations headers

Everytime changes or deprecations are made to the API, two headers indicating it will be sent through the HTTP responses and requests in weboohoks

  • x-rappi-api-deprecation-date: HTTP Header indicating the date on which the change will be made.

  • x-rappi-api-deprecation-info: HTTP Header indicating the URL where more information regarding the change will be found.

Total and discounts changes

As of November 1, 2022, the way in which totals and discounts are displayed on the order will be changed.

The fields related to discounts on items and subitems will be removed, additionally the price of items and subitems will be reflected without discount in a new price field.

{ "order_id", ..., "items": [ { "id", "sku", "name", "type", "comments", "price", "unit_price_with_discount", // Deprecated "unit_price_without_discount", // Deprecated "percentage_discount", // Deprecated "quantity", "subitems": [ { "id", "sku", "name", "type", "comments", "price", "unit_price_with_discount", // Deprecated "unit_price_without_discount", // Deprecated "percentage_discount", // Deprecated "quantity", "subitems" } ] } ] }

The information associated with discounts will be found in the order, in a discounts field that has a list of all associated discounts.

{ "order_id", ..., "discounts": [ { "value", "description", "title", "product_id", "sku", "type", "raw_value", "value_type", "max_value", "includes_toppings", "percentage_by_rappi", "percentage_by_partners", "amount_by_rappi", "amount_by_partner", "discount_product_units", "discount_product_unit_value" } ] }

The discounts fields will be removed will be removed from totals in favor of a single total_discounts field and a discount_by_support field will be added.

{ "order_id", ..., "totals": { "total_products", "total_discounts", "total_products_with_discount", // Deprecated "total_products_without_discount", // Deprecated "total_other_discounts", // Deprecated "total_order", "total_to_pay", "discount_by_support", "charges": { "shipping", "service_fee" }, "other_totals": { "tip", "total_rappi_pay", "total_rappi_credits" } } }

You can find more information about the total fields and discounts here